Design "Bleached Oak"  (980 x 480 mm); Production Code: TP10007977                 

PVC panels (polyvinyl chloride) are high-quality plastic sheets for interior decoration. The advantages of PVC panels are such properties as fire safety, moisture resistance, strength, environmental safety and hygiene. They can be used equally successfully both in the decoration of commercial premises (offices, exhibition halls, shops) and in residential rooms. Due to the fact that the panels do not pass moisture, they can most often be seen in the decoration of bathrooms instead of using tiles.

"Wood" PVC panels can be fixed to any smooth surface with mounting glue or liquid nails. They can be used for finishing  not only walls, but also the ceiling or any other surface. Panels made of foamed PVC have an embossed texture, are light in weight and thickness (1-6mm), and are easy to bend. Due to its flexibility, the panel can hide existing irregularities on the wall surface during installation.

Modern PVC production allows you to create panels of different textures and colors. "Wood" PVC panel has a decor for wood. This option will look great in rooms with floor coverings made of wood or laminate. Also, the "Wood" PVC panel is well suited for finishing offices, hallways and loggias.

Design "Hazelnut"  (980 x 480 mm); Production Code: TP10007978                 

Design "Parquet Bleached Oak" (980 x 480 mm); Code: TP10009502                 

Design "Dutch Oak"  (980 x 480 mm); Production Code: TP10011591                 

Design "Stained timber"  (955 x 480 mm); Production Code: TP10013962                 

Design "Bleached Beams" (955 x 480 mm); Code: TP10013961    

Design "Pinewood log-hut" (960 x 479 mm); Code: TP10017656    

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