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Fast, Ecological & Economical Superstructure Construction

ECOCON Construction System - the combination of ECOCON non-autoclave aerated concrete with LGS

The core of innovative construction system is the combination of non-autoclaved aerated lightweight cellular concrete as the single monolithic material to light gauge steel (LGS) frame resulting into a new, affordable, unique and practically tested construction model.

ECOCON Construction System can be used for mass construction of private, civil and industrial buildings with height up to three levels (G+2), without use of additional reinforced concrete (RCC) structure.

ECOCON Solid Wall System is a further development of ECOCON Construction System where the combination of LGS and ECOCON lightweight cellular concrete is used for construction of fast-erected, fire-rated non-bearing external, internal walls and partitions. 

Application of ECOCON Construction System gives a chance to LGS producers to add value to their construction by introducing to the market building models that have a solid concrete walls (without "knocking-through" sound) with improved acoustic-proffing, fire rating and durability specifications. The stability of concrete monolithic building is much higher in comparison to buildings constructed with ordinary LGS method. 

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