Design "Coquina Beige"  (980 x 498 mm); Production Code: TP10009506                 

PVC panels decorated with stone texture are a modern and aesthetic type of interior decoration. The special beauty of "Stone" PVC panels is given by the stamping and extrusion of the pattern made during production. The textured design allows the panels to fit harmoniously into an existing interior or create an unusual design from scratch.

In addition to excellent external data, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) panels have a number of practical advantages. They are water-resistant, they can be used in bathrooms and toilet rooms, as kitchen aprons, etc. Panels are heat-resistant, they can be attached near radiators (batteries), cooking stoves, ovens.

The panels are fixed with any on adhesive suitable for plastic, ordinary construction adhesive, or "liquid nails". The light weight of each panel makes the installation process easy, enjoyable and does not require special construction skills.

In our company  you can order PVC panels of any texture and color in the volume necessary for finishing the job within the specified period.

Design "Natural Stone"  (980 x 498 mm); Production Code: TP10004973                 

Design "Coquina Light" (980 x 498 mm); Production Code: TP10009507                

Design "Natural Stone Grey"  (980 x 480 mm); Code: TP10011591    

Design "Expansy Natural Stone"  (955 x 476 mm); Code: TP10017858                 

Design "Expansy Dark Stone"  (955 x 476 mm); Code: TP10017860                

Design "Expansy Grey Stone"  (955 x 476 mm); Code: TP10019926               

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