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Advantages of the ECOCON materials:

  • cellular concrete with non-autoclave production technology has high strength, and it is not susceptible to mold and moisture;

  • resistant to decay and environmentally friendly;

  • able to keep warm or cold;

  • the simplicity of working with non-autoclaved aerated concrete is due to the problem-free cutting and processing of the material while maintaining its strength and integrity;

  • non-autoclaved aerated concrete does not emit harmful substances, since it does not contain these, it is made exclusively from natural ingredients;

  • does not absorb moisture, which means it does not lend itself to the influence of fungal and microbial formations;

  • it is possible to use monolithic non-autoclaved aerated concrete;

  • the material can be produced at the construction site, which reduces the cost of transporting aerated concrete;

  • the speed of laying blocks of non-autoclaved aerated concrete is due to the large size of the material, which makes it possible to speed up the construction process;

  • aerated concrete blocks, despite their large size, are lightweight, which allows you to save on additional lifting mechanisms;

  • blocks of non-autoclaved aerated concrete are easily processed with various tools;

  • has high soundproofing characteristics;

  • fire resistance of the material allows you to maintain its strength characteristics when exposed to high thermal loads and open fire.

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