Design "Mosaic White"  (955 x 480 mm); Production Code: TP10006531                 

"Mosaic" PVC Decorative panels combine practicality of use and colorful appearance. A wide range of textures and colors allows you to create a unique interior in the room, kitchen or bathroom.

Plastic panels with the Mosaic pattern are produced by thermo-vacuum molding. Due to this, the material gets such important properties as moisture resistance, non-flammability, safety and durability. Another plus is the lower cost of PVC material than such common materials as tile or sandwich panels. The thickness of the sheets varies from 0.1 to 0.6 mm, depending on the texture. They are very flexible, do not require a perfectly flat surface, and are also able to hide small defects and irregularities of the walls. Installation of PVC panels is extremely simple and is performed using such adhesives as: special glue for PVC panels, universal adhesives or "liquid nails".

Due to a number of advantages, modern "Mosaic" PVC panels successfully replace the tile covering for bathrooms and kitchens. And the mosaic pattern itself allows you to create a familiar and harmonious design, without the use of expensive materials and time-consuming installation.

Design "Iceland"  (955 x 480 mm); Production Code: TP10007058                 

Design "Marble Beige" (980 x 498 mm); Production Code: TP10019477                

Design "Luxor"  (955 x 480 mm); Code: TP10007708    

Design "Marble and Gold"  (955 x 480 mm); Code: TP10009775                

Design "Autumn Leaf"  (955 x 480 mm); Code: TP10007614                

Design "Marble and Gold"  (955 x 480 mm); Code: TP10009775                

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