Design "Natural Brick"  (971 x 498 mm); Production Code: TP10010442                 

Panels produced by polymerization of vinyl chloride (PVC panels) are gaining popularity among consumers due to their high strength characteristics, a large range of colors and availability.

The texture and pattern of the "Brick" PVC panel is perfect for many different interior styles, for example, for finishing walls in the loft style. The "Brick" PVC panel is made both in the usual dark colors (red-brown) and in lighter colors (beige-gray), which will allow you to use the panels in all types of rooms in the same harmonious way-from narrow corridors to bright spacious rooms and bedrooms.

"Brick" PVC panels are easy to install and use as finishing material. They are installed on any surface with the mounting adhesive. Due to the minimum thickness and flexibility, "Brick" PVC panels do not require the perfect evenness of the walls. On the contrary, they are able to mask all the shortcomings and defects on the surface. Keeping them clean will require only a wet rag due to such properties as resistance to moisture and mechanical influences. For removing a particularly strong dirt, you can use a detergent.

"Brick" PVC panels are an excellent, practical and, most importantly, inexpensive way to diversify the room appearance.

Design "Beige Facade Brick "  (980 x 490 mm); Code: TP10013971                 

Design "Light Brick"  (970 x 498 mm); Production Code: TP10009236                 

Design "Facade Brick"  (980 x 490 mm); Production Code: TP10019925                 

Design "Old Brown Brick"  (1,025 x 495 mm); Code: TP10014020                 

Design "Facade Concrete Brick"  (980 x 490 mm); Code: TP10019927                

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